A. Lotus is my pen name. Why do I have one?

Sometimes, it’s easier to write your heart out when the ones who can’t accept what’s in your heart don’t know it’s you…

These series represent different things:

The War Series

This represents what I personally feel the world could become when we all stop caring. I don’t approve of such things and I feel I need to express my thoughts and fears of our uncertain future.

The Dictator Series

This series takes you into the mind of past dictators placed in different worlds for a better idea of what we need to avoid for any and all future leaders here on Earth.

Please note: Due to the nature of who these dictator stories are based on, please, if you are sensitive, do not read these. They are graphic and most definitely not for anyone under 18.

Non-Fiction Works

All non-fiction stories have been written for “awareness”. Dictators aren’t born; they’re made. These will always be free for your enjoyment.

Horror Series

Psychological Horror Novellas loosely based on internal, personal wars. .

Would you like to share your thoughts and opinions? I’d love to hear from you! Without you, my stories are nothing.

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