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Spur is a seventeen year old orphan formally known as Steven Quigley. He’s tall with green eyes. He has battle scars and tattoos marking most of his backside and even some on his chest.

He wears a tan uniform and combat boots. He has a shaved head, is tall and muscular with scruff on his chin and big, strong, hands that could lift a person up above himself effortlessly.

War facts:

*Of the Tsunami Tribe
*Prefers knives to guns
*Competative gunsmen
*Follows Officer Lindsey

Other facts:

*His Best Friend before the War: Blade
*Spur is short for: Spurious Output of cigerette fumes.
*He’s not afraid of death
*He lived in the city orpanage and was a prankster
*Has an attachment to Heart

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OUTSIDE the Wall – Pre-Release Announcement & Playlist

OUTSIDE the Wall will be AVAILABLE August 7th (in Bundled format HERE) and August 8th in Kindle format! Until then, please enjoy this playlist!

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OUTSIDE the Wall – Novella Two

Can you take a monster and place them into society?

Dr. Albert Roth is thrown into a world of psychological terror when he’s directed to council the youth who have survived life behind the walls.He thinks their stories of war are traumatic, that is, until, some of the youth decides to keep him as their own.

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Song Titles & recommended scenes:

Headlights – opening song

Monster – “The Spider”

Paranoid – Angel stalking the stranger

Just Like a Pill – Rat & Heart

I’m so Sick – “The Rat”

Breathe Me – The Spider & Mrs. Greene

Black Parade – Hospital Scene

MakeDamnSure – Spur and Heart scene

I’m Not Okay – “The Rat”

Split Personality – “Heart & Lindsey” the final talk

The Kill (Bury Me) – “Funeral”

Bohemian Rhapsody – “Alicia & Hope”

Murder Was the Case – “The Speech”

When I’m Gone – “Lindsey’s Exeecution

#1 Crush – “I am Letha” closing song



Devon Green lived in Old New York with his mom. His love of art drew him towards the Ancient City. He was a harmless boy until the war.

Once war broke out; Devon transformed into a killer. He took on the name “The Artist”, proving just how much he did in fact love art…

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