I love this photo! Wouldn’t this be a great cover for White Birds? Great Artist!!! It’s not mine 😦 but maybe the creator will allow me to use it? We’ll see! I’ll keep you posted! This photo belongs to LO – PARRA DIGITAL. 

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In the meantime, please see my planned (if all goes well) schedule for submissions:


* The War in the Wall Series

INSIDE the Wall  – Available Now!

OUTSIDE the Wall – August 7th (Bundled Format – here) August 8th (Standard Kindle – here)


* The War in the Wall Series

Rebuilding the Walls – TBA

*Dictator Series

Beautiful Beast – TBA

*Non-Fiction Series

Several articles on past dictators free for your enjoyment

*Horror Series

– Grey Eyes -TBA


*Dictator Series

YOU First – TBA

-Abandon – TBA

*Horror Series

– White Birds -TBA

-Detour – TBA

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