Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month


Why I chose this photo: There’s truth in the masked man or woman… War forces the ones affected to wear a mask, hiding what makes them vulnerable–fearful of what they may take from them next. Well depicted here with strong emote. Loved this photo!

About the Artist:


Alessandro Sansoni
Artist | Photography
Current Residence: Rome
Favourite style of art: Photography
Operating System: Window$
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Personal Quote: “Live Curious!”


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Artist of the Month


Why I chose this photo: He claims he only had two hours to sketch this but, man oh man does emotion seep out. If this is a rough draft, I’d love to see what he can do with this after a few revisions! Seriously though, it’s raw and thus perfect. I see the disaster and pain of a war torn city.

About the Artist:


Jan Dolezalek
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Czech Republic

Artist of the Month


Why I chose this photo: Love can be a war, too. Love the pain in her eyes. Beautifully done.

About the Artist:


Marc Brunet
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Currently working for Blizzard Entertainment as Senior Character Artist.


Artist of the Month


Why I chose this photo: The artist (a drawing of a celebrity’s tattoo) depicts with his image what all authors feel when told to confine their work to a specific standard. Yes, it’s like a ball and chain while you’re attempting to create.

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About the Artist:


Henrik Moses
Artist | Traditional Art


Artist of the Month

No war by Ciril

A Message from the Artist:
I have got a gold medal-first prize for this picture at Photo of the youth 2003 in Slovenia.

i took this one last year when Iraq was very popular or how to say….
but i think that this photo is quite good also for these days. just remember Madrid and wars all over the world.

About the Artist:

Ciril Jazbec
Artist | Professional | Photography
Ciril Jazbec (1987) was born in Slovenia, which is where he first took up photography and visual storytelling. His desire to expand his horizons led him to London where he studied MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the London College of Communication. He is drawn towards stories that reach out and touch you, making you stop, think and take action in the midst of our ever-changing world.

Moved by the story of the disappearing islands of Kiribati, Ciril had endeavored to capture the essence of the place whilst that remains possible. Through encounters with the locals, activists and the President, Ciril addresses environmental issues and offers a testament to the spirit of the people.

Ciril is currently based in London, UK.

Artist of the Month

Why I Chose this Photo: His face says it all. A reality crushed, a new existence… No wonder this artist received an honorable mention with Daily Deviation Spot.
Journey Into Warby jevinart

A Message from the Artist:
The date is December 11, 1969. A young soldier, fresh out of boot camp, takes his first steps down from a chopper and into the jungles of Vietnam. At that very moment, the innocence of youth is stripped away forever, replaced with the life-and-death struggle of instantaneous manhood. Amid the magenta-colored fog of war, our hero assesses his new predicament, and the dangerous journey ahead of him. He pauses for a moment as the true realization hits him with brutal force – and everything familiar he has known throughout his life disappears on the wind; fading like the whir of rotors from the departing choppers, leaving with their cargo of wounded and fallen comrades…
About the Artist:

art dude
United States
hey, peeps!  check out my latest piece on CGChannel — “a moment of rage”.…

Artist of the Month

Why I Chose This Photo: I know it’s not human but this wolf bares his heart just as if he depicted a human getting ready for a battle. He’s here, sitting, fighting within himself to erase his fears and prepare for what needs to get done. There is determination but also acknowledgement. Only a true artist could capture so much in just two small yellow eyes…
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Artist of the Month

Casualties of War by strikenz

Why I Chose This Photo: Okay, maybe it’s just a chipped chess piece lying on it’s side… It’s not, it’s so much more than that. Don’t you feel the emotion portrayed here? It tells a story. A seriously well captured shot.
About the Artist:

Artist | Photography
New Zealand
Current Residence: New Zealand
Favourite genre of music: easy listening
Favourite photographer: gwarf, ssilence
Favourite style of art: Photography, 3D Abstract, Terragen
Operating System: Windows XP SP2
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Nano

Artist of the Month

Why I Chose This Photo: There is such beauty captured here and yet, look closely and you see nothing but suffering and great loss — whether it be life or a way of life or even a reality so broken it’s become a massive pile of broken (rubble).

War by alexiuss

The Artist:


Vitaly S. Alexius
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