About the Author

A Lotus – Who is She?

Lotus is merely the pen name for a dreamer–a writer who can’t keep her head out of the clouds. Her favorite saying?

“Dreams are what keep us clouded.”

And, it’s true. Since childhood, Lotus has spent most of her waking hours devoted to scribbling stories (over 50 books).

She isn’t like you and me. Even her air is different for she “breathes novels”. The world she belongs to is nothing like this one. It is a place where only the eccentric venture. And, of course a few brave readers…

“There is no law but that with which we put upon ourselves,” Lotus sighs, “and the laws to which we allow others to set for us.”

“Don’t be afraid of who or what you are. Embrace it. For the stranger you are, the better the story.”


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A. Lotus – Greatest Joy of Writing

Q: What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
A: Being able to create worlds and characters I love. The best part about it–sharing it with others who see the places and people I’ve envisioned in their own way! It’s amazing what the imagination can do.
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A. Lotus – My First Story

Q: Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
A: Yes! I was 8 years old when I completed a story. It was a fantasy involving a murder mystery and a chase. It was about twenty typed pages and now, I’m converting it into a comic for the back of a much more grown up version of the story 🙂
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