Month: April 2016



Officer Lindsey is obese with long frizzy blonde hair. She is the Tsunami Tribe’s leader and dictator.

War Fact:

She was kicked out of the American Military due to her aggression

Other Fact:

She was once Heart’s babysitter…

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Artist of the Month


Why I chose this photo: He claims he only had two hours to sketch this but, man oh man does emotion seep out. If this is a rough draft, I’d love to see what he can do with this after a few revisions! Seriously though, it’s raw and thus perfect. I see the disaster and pain of a war torn city.

About the Artist:


Jan Dolezalek
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Czech Republic

Vlad the Impaler

The REAL Dracula

Stories are told based loosely on the life of Vlad. He wasn’t a vampire but, his methods were not PG rated… PLEASE DO NOT WATCH THIS if you are sensitive to blood, torture or violence.

Watch the documentary here on YouTube:

Ancient City Resembles Walls of Jericho

Here is an excellent depiction of the Ancient City Walls described in novella INSIDE the Walls. An old locomotive traveled through the walls so that passengers could see various stages of human history through time. Their ride would end inside the encircled city. It was through walls depicted as were the walls of Jericho: