Month: November 2015

Little Girl Escapes from Alleged Kidnapper in Walmart


A. Lotus – Favorite Writers?

Q: Who are your favorite authors?
A: Childhood: JudyBlume, JerrySpinelli & Ronald DahlToday: Jodi Piccoult & Scott Westerfeld (and I still read Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli once a year!)

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Artist of the Month

Why I Chose this Photo: His face says it all. A reality crushed, a new existence… No wonder this artist received an honorable mention with Daily Deviation Spot.
Journey Into Warby jevinart

A Message from the Artist:
The date is December 11, 1969. A young soldier, fresh out of boot camp, takes his first steps down from a chopper and into the jungles of Vietnam. At that very moment, the innocence of youth is stripped away forever, replaced with the life-and-death struggle of instantaneous manhood. Amid the magenta-colored fog of war, our hero assesses his new predicament, and the dangerous journey ahead of him. He pauses for a moment as the true realization hits him with brutal force – and everything familiar he has known throughout his life disappears on the wind; fading like the whir of rotors from the departing choppers, leaving with their cargo of wounded and fallen comrades…
About the Artist:

art dude
United States
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