Artist of the Month

Why I Chose this Photo: I’m a fan of conceptual art and this one is filled with it. It’s been well thought out and developed seamlessly.

War and Peace by jinzilla

From the Artist:
In case anyone’s interested, Diabloskinz (UK) sells electronics skins with this design and some of my other ones too! go check it out -> [link]
Follow her on Instagram! follow me
About the Artist:

Artist | Student
United States
Favorite visual artists: sahara mizu, alphonse mucha, audrey kawasaki, shel yang, mako, zhang xiaogang
Favorite TV shows: sherlock, legend of korra, big bang theory, miami ink
Favorite bands / musical artists: adam levine, sphynx, the strokes, the black keys, the cinematic orchestra, mindy gledhill, uverworld, super junior, chopin
Favorite games: street fighter, texas hold’em, black jack Tools of the Trade x-acto knife

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